Free Physical Therapy Screenings

Unsure if physical therapy treatment is appropriate for you? We offer free 15 minute physical therapy screenings and phone consultations to identify any neuro/musculo/skeletal problems that can contribute to pain and dysfunction. Early identification of such movement dysfunctions can efficiently resolve problems and prevent further pain, joint degeneration and disability. Even in cases where pain has been managed with medication or surgery, often the underlying cause of the dysfunction has not been corrected and can lead to further problems down the road. In many cases the source of these problems is movement related and cannot be identified by x-ray, MRI, or lab tests.

At Appalachian Physical Therapy we are experts in identifying and correcting movement dysfunction. We can help you understand your problem and assist you in making informed choices about your health. Even if you have existing pain or limitations with function and are looking for alternatives to surgery or medication, this quick screening can determine what can be done to effectively correct the problem.

For more information or to set up an appointment please contact us at (540) 901-9501.

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